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From El Cajon’s residential complexes, to its vibrant restaurant scene, the city is home to diverse commercial properties. We’re here to assist property managers and landlords up and down I-8, making beneficial contacts within the community and adding value to businesses and organizations. We can run your El Cajon building maintenance for you, so you can run your business in a clean, safe, and beautiful space.

In housing communities from HOAs to multifamily real estate, we’re passionate about supporting you, so you can support your residents. Facilities like apartment complexes and office buildings are expansive properties with plenty of rooms to maintain. That means plenty can go wrong, from plumbing to electrical. 

Staying safe and feeling comfortable is important to anyone renting a unit or utilizing an office space. In units with families, faulty wiring or uninspected plumbing could be especially risky. We work with you to ensure the safety of the families and communities of El Cajon, with regular inspections and proper care of all your building’s major systems. 

Amenities and systems within commercial and multifamily properties are constantly modernizing, with new tech to make a smoother experience for its users. We’re leaders in our industry. So we stay up to date with cutting edge systems, to find out how they can benefit your company.

From gadgets that add a modern touch, to the latest high-quality structural elements behind the scenes, we’re here to advise you on the best materials for a building repair, remodel, or construction job. And we’re committed to finding the right fit for your property and your budget, every time.

Renters and office-dwellers love facilities with spectacular aesthetics, from the interior to the exterior. With our power washing and meticulous janitorial services, you can make a public area look brilliant. 

El Cajon is a lively place, bursting with culture and industry. The potential investment value in properties in the area means plenty of new construction endeavors. Maybe your company is renovating an old apartment complex, or building brand new units on a piece of land. We’d be thrilled to help you, with solid construction plans from seasoned contractors. From concrete to cross bracing, we’re here to help you get your project off the ground and build lean.

Staying up to date on safety and fire codes is a breeze with check-ups from our seasoned technicians. We’ve handled plenty of reflooring and painting, finishing the job quickly and masterfully. And regular maintenance of your property’s major systems keeps your facility running efficiently, which can positively affect your company’s bottom line.

El Cajon is in close proximity to San Diego proper. That means passers-by see your property from the outside. We’ll help you make a great first impression with the exterior of your business! With fresh paint and repairs to aesthetic features like trim and siding, you can make a marketing impact on the community with your building’s appearance alone. 

Whether you need small fixes, major repairs, or construction add-ons, BRM is abundantly equipped to provide the building maintenance service you need in El Cajon. Years of experience and a strong network of industry connections make us uniquely prepared to help you get the very most out of your company’s multi-family property or commercial building. Reach out today –  we’d love to talk to you about your next project or your maintenance needs, and offer you a free quote!

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