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From mom and pop shops downtown, to growing suburban communities, Escondido is a small town with big business potential for commercial properties. For 15 years, we’ve been making meaningful partnerships with property management companies and businesses in and around Escondido.

Whether your business is in multi-family property management, HOAs, or other areas, we strive to be there for you. So you can be there for your residents, clients, and customers. If your company manages an HOA, you know that there are plenty of things to keep in order. From clubhouse buildings, to public bathrooms, facilities need consistent maintenance to keep your community running smoothly. We’ll help you take care of the most annoying building maintenance snags, so you can focus on your residents.

Tenants, office-dwellers, and customers want to be in comfortable, safe spaces. And the importance of safety can’t be overstated. Worn out wiring and deteriorated plumbing can create precarious situations. We partner with you to maintain the utmost safety for families in the Escondido community.

Maybe your company wants to be outfitted with modern systems, for a fresh appeal. As experts in our field, we make a point to stay aware of the latest commercial property trends.

Whether it’s basics like insulation or flashy gadgets like smart thermostats, we offer our professional guidance on which systems could best serve your building. We want your company to be more than satisfied with every project completion, while also building lean at every step.

Buildings with stellar appearance in and out can make a hugely positive impact on tenants, workers, or customers. Whether it’s an exterior power wash or interior janitorial work, our services are designed to make your halls, lobbies, and patios sparkle.

Escondido is a city rich with history and culture, and a bright future for commerce and lifestyle. With retail and industrial complexes expanding, your property might have a new wing or addition on the way. From renovation projects to new builds, we’re here to help navigate your construction plans, with your budget in mind

We help keep all our clients’ systems up to par with fire and safety codes, by consistently and thoroughly inspecting them. And new painting and flooring can make old offices look freshly built. We’re passionate about keeping your plumbing, electrical, and other systems running at optimal performance. It makes your building more efficient and saves money for your company!

Plenty of drivers come up to Escondido from San Diego, or vice versa. That means great exposure for your company’s building from commuters and tourists. Sustain an image of excellence to people who frequently pass your business or see it for the first time. With continual exterior touch-ups and repairs, we can help you keep your property looking outstanding. 

With basic upkeep, to comprehensive building projects, and everything in between, BRM is here to partner with your business for superior building maintenance in Escondido, Cali. We bring decades of industry expertise to your HOA, retail unit, industrial complex or other property type – helping you manage your responsibilities more effectively. Find out how we can add value to your business today. Just give us a call, and we’ll set up a free quote!

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