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Building Maintenance is the consistent upkeep and repair of your building’s essential functions. And it’s paramount to your commercial property. It involves maintenance of electrical, HVAC, utility, and fire alarm systems, and includes janitorial services. That’s a lot to keep up with! BRM is committed to helping you make your property clean, safe, and comfortable. And, more importantly, to keep it that way.

When it’s done right, building maintenance is something most people don’t notice. In fact, that’s what we aim for! We work behind the scenes to keep your property’s assets functional, so the people who live or work there can focus on that upcoming community event, or collaborate on that big meeting. When something in your building breaks, it can throw a giant wrench in your plans. If it happens, we’re here for you, with quality repair and punctual service. But we’re also here to make sure it doesn’t happen to begin with.

We perform routine, preventative, and corrective maintenance. Routine maintenance refers to regular inspection of utilities, indoor/outdoor cleaning, frequent paint touch ups, and more. We set up a regular schedule according to your property’s needs, and diligently keep it. With preventative maintenance, we inspect and fix areas or systems within your property that exhibit any potential for future failure. PM is profoundly beneficial for the safety of residents or employees. Leveraging our experience and industry knowledge, BRM’s trained professionals can spot troubling signs within critical systems like electrical and HVAC, and offer decisive strategies for damage prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

With any property, facilities experience normal wear and tear. For everything from plumbing repair to structural restoration, our team is abundantly qualified to perform corrective maintenance. With an extensive background in construction, BRM’s leadership has overseen building and renovation for every different phase of a project. So whether we repair something on your property or build something to replace it, we know the right fix for every type of issue. We specialize in making your building feel like new.

Our supervisors take the details of your building into account, properly documenting each step of inspections and project completions. We plan and schedule our work around your work. Efficiency is a core value of our process, so we perform our servicing and repairs quickly, without getting in the way of your business. We take care to prepare parts and tools for each job before beginning, so tasks aren’t left incomplete any longer than necessary. Our skilled technicians are certified in their respective areas of expertise, and receive ongoing training for best practices and innovations in their fields. BRM janitors work fast, with specialized care for your place of business. And the results are stunning.

With comprehensive and proactive building maintenance from BRM, you get coverage for the full scope of your building’s needs. And effective solutions for the problems to which your commercial property may be prone. Contact us today to find out how our maintenance services can benefit your business!

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