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A grimey building can be an eyesore. Don’t let the property you manage look anything less than stellar. With clean parking spaces, sparkling sidewalks, and a radiant facade, you can feel pride as you walk into work every day. The results that a good power wash can yield are truly revolutionary. Power washing turns drab buildings into vibrant edifices. Pressure washers clean dirt and grime you may not have even realized was there –  until it’s cleaned. Suddenly your property looks brand new! Power washing requires special tools, and a team that understands the process. 

At BRM, we’ve been providing comprehensive, quality commercial building maintenance in San Diego for 15 years. And power washing is one of the most effective ways we help our partners. Our state-of-the-art pressure washers clean away gum, oil, graffiti, and everything sticky or gooey that tries to attach itself to your property. Sidewalks, patios, and parking lots are the areas of your property that arguably benefit the most from power washing. With rain, sediment build-up, and foot traffic, your grounds can get dingy. Building owners and managers tend to take this for granted, and don’t realize how power washing could improve their property. A clean area outside your place of business increases curb appeal, attracting clients, tenants, and customers.

We use varying mixtures of cleaning solution and pressure, to get each area clean without causing damage. For instance, we wash gutters with less pressure than a concrete parking space. But with proper cleaning methods, both the gutter and parking spot look immaculate. With hot, pressurized water, oil and grease is emulsified, for a deep clean of concrete walkways and driveways. Our process is always safety-first, using cleaning solutions with care and responsibility. We use recycled water, so your property won’t get a surprise water bill. Our equipment is capable of cleaning large areas with efficiency. And we improve countless facilities of all types with our power washing services. 

HOAs, parking garages, multifamily complexes, store fronts, drive-thrus, and many more facilities hugely benefit from power washing. An outdoor community center free of gum is almost too good to be true! And parking areas speak volumes about the quality of your business, before clients or customers even enter your building. 

Power washing cleans away moss and algae that accumulate and spread on parking lots and building exteriors. It’s also a common first step in any exterior painting process, clearing away debris from the surface and allowing paint to stick more easily. Dumpster areas naturally benefit from power washing, and we keep them free from waste odors and grime. Our process lifts tire marks, food & drink spill stains, and vehicle leaks, so your community or place of business will be inviting, inside and out.

BRM is licensed and insured, to provide you with the best pressure washing service. We’re always straightforward with our prices, and we’re committed to earning your trust and delivering satisfaction. Give us a call, to find out how our power washing services can transform your place of business!

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