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Urgent Repairs

Here at Building Resource Management we strive to ensure not only the timeliness of necessary repairs and cleaning services, but the safety of our partners properties as well. If you are a resident at a property that is serviced by BRM where an issue that requires urgent attention exists, please contact your property management company so that they can contact their account manager to arrange for the earliest possible repair or service.

As always, if the issue requires a response from proper authorities such as police, fire, medical, or rescue services due to an immediate safety emergency, please contact 911, or the appropriate local services to your area.

However, we do understand that there are issues that require urgent attention that is not appropriate for emergency response authorities. Property managers who require assistance arranging for urgent repairs may contact your account manager. Please feel free to use the contact information below so that we can help resolve your issue as quickly as possible. For timely service of any issues that do not pose a direct and pending safety issue please contact our Operations Manager by email at, or call (858) 633-5090 to reach our front desk and schedule the appropriate service at the earliest convenience.

We are committed to serving multi-unit & commercial properties and are experts at crafting a beautiful, safe, and clean environment for the community to live, work, shop, or play.  Our partners are typically the most intelligent and top performers for their companies because they know that we make their job easier, and make them look good.

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